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Applications are now open for the 2011 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships, until 5th October 2010.  As many of you know, I began this blog to document my own Churchill Fellowship in 2008, when I traveled to Australia and the USA to research local and regional responses to digital preservation.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established when Sir Winston Churchill died in 1965. Thousands of people gave generously so that a living memorial to Churchill could benefit future generations of British people.  Each year approximately 100 British citizens are awarded Fellowships for a wide range of projects. Fellows must travel overseas for between 4-12 weeks.  The Trust’s objective for the Travelling Fellowships is to provide opportunities for British citizens to go abroad on a worthwhile enterprise of their own choosing, with the aim of enriching their lives by their wider experience – through the knowledge, understanding, and/or skills they gain – and, on their return, enhancing the life of their community by their example and the dissemination of the benefit of their travels.

It’s not all work and no play though.  Fellows are encouraged to make the most of this unique opportunity and to take some time out during their travels to explore their surroundings.  During my six week Fellowship, inter alia, I took a journey along the Great Ocean Road, visited the Blue Mountains, flew over Sydney in a seaplane, rode the street cars in San Francisco, and took a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon.

Tempted?  Do get in touch with me if you’re interested and would like a further chat about what a Fellowship involves.

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