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I’d also failed to get round to a posting about the Society of Archivists’ Digital Preservation Roadshows, which I’ve helped to organise. These are being run around the UK and Ireland by the Society of Archivists in partnership with the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), The National Archives, the Planets project and Cymal.

The events aim to raise awareness of the issues, to demonstrate that there are solutions that don’t involve spending large amounts of money, and to show how to take the first, small, incremental steps in this field. I’m presenting a case study at each event about WYAS’ work on the MLA Yorkshire archive.

The programme and presentations are now available from the pilot roadshow in Gloucester and last Friday’s event at York. Hope people are enjoying them – feedback from Gloucester was good, and there’ll be an article from a couple of delegates featuring in the August edition of ARC – watch this space!

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Long time, no post.  Ok, I am officially rubbish at this blogging business (I even forgot the password for this site and had to re-set it!), but I have been busy.  Where do other people find the time?

Anyway, partly I have been busy on writing up my Fellowship trip for various publications, so I thought I would link them all here, for reference:

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